California Roll at Sushi Suma, Surry Hills

Did you ever see Jiro Dreams of Sushi? Without spoiling it, the movie is pretty much the life story of Jiro Ono – the oldest and  most detail-driven sushi chef in the world.… Continue reading

Eggs Benedict at Madame Frou Frou, Glebe

The history of Eggs Benedict is conflicted. As it stands, there are two different stories historians accept – both as feasible and fairytale-esque as the other. The first starts with Mrs. LeGrand Benedict,… Continue reading

Sashimi Bimbimbam at Zushi, Surry Hills

So it’s 45 degrees outside, I’ve been sent home from work and it’s lunchtime. Where to go? I contemplate Messina on Crown, but considering I’d made a dinner of gelato less than 24… Continue reading

Marinated Vegetable Ciabatta at Sappho Books, Cafe & Wine Bar, Glebe

Ordering a sandwich in a cafe is serious business. Because unlike poached eggs or ricotta pancakes, sandwiches are something almost everyone makes for themselves. If you’re ordering one out, you want it to… Continue reading

Sambal Prawns (Lunch Set) at Chefs Gallery, CBD

One of the best thing about being on holiday is eating at places you wouldn’t normally get the chance to. Sure there are weekends to do that, but weekends are no good when… Continue reading

Soft Tofu Stew at MillioRe Korean Fusion Restaurant, Haymarket

If you’ve been following this blog for even a little bit, you’ll know that I’m pretty big on Asian food. Rice, noodles and tofu are staples, and nearly everything tastes better with a… Continue reading

Mamak Village Goreng at Mamak Village, Glebe

When my gym-going housemate says he feels like “something healthy”, greasy hawker food probably isn’t the first thing on his mind. Nevertheless, when I suggest we stop into Mamak Village for some their… Continue reading

Vegetarian Spring Roll Vermicelli at Streets of Saigon, Westfield Sydney

There’s nothing like cold noodles to reboot the blood sugar on a hot afternoon, so when it’s 40 degrees and too steamy to do anything but flee to the air-conditioned nothingness of Westfield,… Continue reading

Linguine e Gamberi at Mad Pizza e Bar, Newtown

Almost everyone knows how to make a pasta dish. In fact for many of us, it is the first thing we learn to cook –  it certainly was mine. When I first moved… Continue reading

Homemade: Mexi-inspired, Bean, Avocado and Tomato Salad

Until now, this blog has been all about about eating out, which yes, I do do a lot of. But believe it or not, I like to prepare food for myself, too, and… Continue reading