Crispy Tofu Roll at D’lish Wrap and Roll, Surry Hills

After swooning over D’lish’s Vermicelli Salad last week, I thought it only polite to also try the shop’s bread-and-butter item – quite literally, the $6.50 Vietnamese roll.

Okay, so I know crispy tofu isn’ the default flavour choice for this kind of thing, but while I’m sure the pork and pate tastes great, I’m here to give hope to the veggies among us. I promise you, one bite of this roll and you’ll forget all about porky pig.

The sandwich is like all the coolest flavours and textures getting together and having a party. Fried tofu, salad, mayo, shallot, coriander, fish sauce, and oven-crisp bread – it’s got the sweet/spicy/salty thing going on.

The roll is fully stuffed, so is best eaten wrapped in the bag it comes in. And be ready to use both hands!

D’lish Wrap and Roll

The bill: One roll – $6.50 (add $1.50 for a can of soft drink)
The service: Speedy sandwich bar.  Rolls takeaway only.
Also on the menu: Vermicelli salads, noodle soups, rice paper rolls
Don’t forget: To grab a serviette… or ten. Things could get messy.

449 Elizabeth Street
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010