Vegetable Udon at Kura Japanese Casual Dining, Chinatown

Most $9 bowls of udon are pretty basic. Noodles, broth, seaweed and maybe one of those funny pink “fish cakes”, if you’re lucky.

Vegetable Udon at Kura Kura is a much more complete experience. As well as all the usual bits (sans fishcake), it’s got grilled sweet potato and two different types of tofu – buttery agedeshi-style, and the thinner, deep-fried type.

Overall it is tasty, filling and fun to eat – especially when you sip directly from the wooden paddle-like spoon. Don’t forget the shichimi for a hint of peppery spice!

Kura Japanese Casual Dining

The bill: Bowl of noodles – $8.80
The service: Table service and super lovely
Also on the menu: Rice bowls, dinner sets, sushi and sashimi
And if you’re extra hungry: Side dish add ons – seaweed salad or an extra mound of tofu, are $3 extra.

3/76 Ultimo Road
Haymarket NSW, 2000

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