Vegetarian Sandwich at Deux Peres, Surry Hills

The new Patisserie on Elizabeth street, Deux Peres’ obviously think it can lure customers in with its colourful macaroons. They are everywhere!

Macaroons at Deux Peres

Image via Deux Peres Facebook page

Considering macaroons are still the biscuit du jour, and these ones are particularly pretty, it’s probably a pretty good strategy. But I wonder, if passers by saw their sandwiches as well, would they draw an even bigger crowd? I think so.

The Vegetarian Sandwich is poster-girl for good sandwich presentation. While the roast veggie/pesto combo usually looks pretty daggy, this one – on fresh baked baguette with pumpkin, sun dried tomato and roasted capsicum – makes your want to gobble it up. And when you get it (toasted, plated up), you will, very happily!

Deux Peres

The bill: One BIG Vegetarian Sandwich – $6.50
The service: So excited to be serving you. Eat in or takeaway.
Also on the menu: Pastries, coffee… macaroons!!
For late lunchers: Get there after 1.30pm and there’s a good chance the sandwiches will be sold out. Sorry!

437-439 Elizabeth Street
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010