Som Tum with Salted Egg at Saap Thai, City

Big call, but I’m going to make it: this is the best papaya salad I have ever had.

I haven’t had Som Tum in Thailand, nor have every Som Tum in Sydney, but I can say with confidence that this dish is well above standard.

In addition to the strips of papaya, diced tomato, green beans and peanuts, the dressing is perfectly balanced and made extra punchy by teeny tiny  baby shrimp. Then there is the salted egg – which gives the simple ol’ hard boiled egg a whole new beautiful meaning.

Som Tum is Saap Thai’s speciality and there are nine different versions on the menu, including one with mixed seafood, and one with soft shell crab. I’d love to try them all but the egg has really stolen my heart  – yum!

Saap Thai

The bill: Som Tum with Salted Egg – $8.90 + steamed rice – $2.50 = $13.40
The service: Eat in or take away. Fast and friendly.
Also on the menu: stirfries, noodles, soups, curries
For delicate tongues: chilli is the default word here. If you’re not into it, tell them!

378 Pitt St 
Sydney, NSW, 2000

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