Pastizzi at Pastizzi Cafe Bar, Darlinghurst

Okay, so four patsizzi probably isn’t a balanced of meal, but there are certainly times when it is the right meal. At 11.59pm on a Saturday night, for instance.

Compared to much of the late-night snack-age on offer on Oxford Street, the patsizzi are a relatively classy option. The cafe is clean, the tables are clean and the fellow diners – many of whom here for an actual dinner – are mostly clean.

The pastizzi are good – flaky, buttery pastry balls with interesting fillings. Not that you can tell, but in there are four flavours in this picture – peas, ricotta and spinach, vegetarian and simply ricotta. The ricotta ones are definitely my favourite.

The friendly staff are happy to pop your pastizzi in a paper bag for you, or you can take a seat and eat your Patsizzi in peace. Either way, they make a top tummy filler.

Pastizzi Cafe Bar

The bill: 4 pastizzi – $8 ($2 each)
The service: Friendly and laid back; eat in or takeaway
Also on the menu: Meat pastizzis, dessert pastizzis, pasta, risotto, salad, meat and veg mains
Keep in mind: That phrase “everything’s better with cheese”? It entirely applies to pastizzis.

129 Oxford St
Darlinghurst New South Wales 2010