Laksa at Malacca Straits, Ultimo

When I spent some time in New York earlier this year, I learnt very quickly that certain types of food – pizza, bagels, fish tacos – have the power to unite or divide the city. Passionate debates over the best “slice” are had anywhere from Wholefoods to the L Train to the line for bathroom at Starbucks. It’s hilarious.

It got me thinking, do we have equivelent foods in Sydney? Maybe not to the same extent, but if we were to compare, I think Laksa has got to be one of them. Google “Sydney’s best laksa” and you’ll get a page full of worthy results.

Compared to many keen noodlies out there, I’m hardly an authority on Laksa, but I did think Malacca Strait’s veggie laksa was pretty damn good. Great consistency, plenty of fresh veg, a generous dollop of sambal and nicely spongy tofu to soak up the soup.

And at $8.90, it makes one very pocket friendly mid-week dinner out!

Malacca Straits

The bill – Laksa With Veggies = $8.50
The service – Eat in or takeaway, polite and fast
Also on the menu: Hawker noodles like Har Mee and Mee Goreng, curries and sambals, salads and stirfries
‘Cause of all that spice: Keep that tissue box handy, you’ll need it!

66 Mountain St
Ulitmo, NSW, 2007

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