Nasi Lemak (Simple) at Petaling Street, City

I can’t help but feel warmly towards Asian restaurants with tissues for their guests. I love the honesty about the fact that no matter how unglamourous, spicy food makes your nose run.It really legitimises that whole eat-curry-turn-into-sniffling-kindergardener-with-hayfever thing.

Well aware of it’s place on the spice-scale, Petaling Street has tissue boxes on every table and trust me, you’ll be grateful for them!

At first look, the Nasi Lemak is as simple as it says it is. A mound of coconut rice, chilli relish, ikan bilis (fried anchovies), cucumber, hardboiled egg and peanuts. Get picking though, and you’ll realise just how tasty and filling it is. And why you’ll really need those tissues!

Petaling has got a long list of teas, so one of the cooling iced varieties is a perfect match for the heat. Honey and lemon is my favourite!

Petaling Street

The bill: Nasi Lemak (Simple) – $8 + Honey Lemon Ice Tea – $3.50 = $11.50
The service: Table service, fast and friendly
Also on the menu: Roti Canai, Mar Mite Pork Spare Ribs, Assam Laksa
For an extra protien-y treat: Upgrade to Nasi Lemak Special (with curry chicken or beef) for an extra $3.50

760 George St
Haymarket, NSW, 2000

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