Tomato and Pesto Pizza at Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills

I argued with myself about whether to post this or not. The bargain hunter in me said no, ’cause $6.80 for a piece of pizza is not an amazing deal.

But my food-nerd self was more generous – reasoning how often do you you get to eat at one of Sydney’s most famous foodie spots without breaking a ten?  I don’t need to tell you which side won over.

Cash quibbles aside, Bourke Street Bakery do a pretty good pizza. The Tomato and Pesto reminds me of both traditional Italian and New York pizza styles – Italian because of its delicate toppings, and New York because of its fold-y, thin crust.

The combination is light and yummy. Milk and coffee aren’t typical pizza drinks, but at Bourke Street Bakery, a homemade iced-coffee seems to make sense. Again, at $3.50,  not very cheap, but it does seem to complete the experience… of course a Ginger Brulee tart would do the trick too!

The bill: Tomato and Pesto Pizza – $6.90 + Iced Coffee – $3.50
The service: Counter service; highly caffeinated
Also on the menu: Pork and Fennel Sausage Rolls,  Veggie Rolls, Salad of the Day, Ginger Brulee Tart
If comfort’s a thing: The outdoor crates are cute, but the indoor booths are made for butts

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