Free Range Eggs at Project 8 Cafe, Ultimo

Scenario: it’s 11am on Saturday morning and I’m waiting for a bus, all geared for a trip to Ikea. Cushions! Frames! Throw rugs! I’ve got a list and I’m ready to attack it. Suddenly, my stomach punches me from the inside, “hey, you haven’t fed me yet!”

And my mission is diverted. If I’m going to get this trip right, I need a power-giving breakfast. Luckily, Project 8 and their Free Range Eggs are just across the way.

At $9, this is probably one of the best value cafe brekkies I know of. Wholemeal sourdough, avocado, tomato, two sunny-side-ups and and aioli on the side.

It’s not the type of dish you’d gush about with your friends, but more like the special brekky your mum cooked you on the first day of your HSC – wholesome, homely and comforting. Washed down with a nice flat white, it’s a perfect pre-Ikea (or pre-uni or pre-work) meal.

Mission resumed!

Project 8

Project 8 Cafe

The bill: Free Range Eggs – $9 + flat white – $3.50 = $12.50
The service: Table service
Healthy hooray: the eggs are cooked on a sandwich press, which means less oil. The best bit is you can’t tell the difference!

137 Broadway
Sydney, 2007 NSW


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