Tofu and Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup at Pho Pasteur, Haymarket

Don’t tell the stricter vegetarian in me, but I’m pretty sure this is swimming in beef broth – despite my best effort to avoid it.

Alright, so I know how dopey this seems – it is a pho restaurant, it is all about the beef broth – but it is on the veggie menu. Come on, vegetarian pho… anyone??

Secretly, I’m kind of happy. Partly because of the naughty thrill of eating something I’m not supposed to, but mostly because it’s delicious. Especially when scattered with a fistful of fresh basil and bean sprouts.

Blood and bones aside, the dish comes with enough fried tofu to think you’re eating veggo anyway. And whether you plunge it in the broth or eat it on it’s own with the dipping sauce, it’s really good stuff too.

So while I’m not saying you throw away your vegetarianism like yesterday’s bread,  I’m just saying this is awesome. And I promise, I won’t tell if you don’t.

Pho Pasteur
The bill: Tofu and Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup = $10
The service: Table service; fast and friendly
Also on the Menu: Grilled Beef Rice Noodle Soup, Vermacelli with Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Broke Rice
For well-behaved veggos: Pasteur does a tofu and rice dish with not a drop of beef broth in sight

709 George St 
Haymarket, NSW 2000

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