Ishikari Miso Udon Hot Pot at Sushi Hotaru, City

Sushi Hotaru

Remember when you were the only kid at school with a peanut butter sandwich, when everyone else had vegemite? It kind of sucked, didn’t it? You liked peanut butter, but all those black cornered grins made you feel like you were missing out.

Ditching the train for a non-sushi dish at Sushi Hotaru is kind of a similiar feeling – everyone has sushi! – but when it arrives and you’re to be happy to be the odd one out.

There are actually loads of interesting a-la-carte options at Hotaro, but the Ishikari Udon Miso Hot Pot is a $10.90 miracle. Basically, it’s a bowl of salmon, tofu, spring veg, udon and miso… in amazing generous proportions.

The dish could be made more cheaply by upsizing the noodles and downsizing everything else, but it’s not. There’s enough fish to do you for at least a week’s worth of Omega 3s!

Best of all, it’s fresh, delicious and makes you feel great for eating it. And while it takes some work to attack (with two serving spoons, a soup spoon and chopsticks) figuring out how to get it in your gob is part of the fun.

You won’t ever want to board the sushi train again.

Sushi Hotaru
The bill: Ishikari Miso Udon Hot Pot – $10.90
The service: Table service, lovely and attentive
Also on the (non-sushi) menu: Cha Soba with Tempura, Salmon Skin Fry,  Soft Shell Crab Salad
Best of both worlds: Sushi plates are only $3 each, grab one as an entree!

Level 1, The Galeries, 500 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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