Three Vegetable Dishes on Rice at Faheem Fast Food, Enmore

Faheem's Fast Food

There’s a lot of things about Faheem’s that  inspire dreams of far away places. Expats, unfamiliar languages… there are even maps on the table tops!

But even without all that, the curries are enough to tell you it’s not just any Inner-West Indian/Pakistani place. Sweet butter chicken can be found further down the road, but Faheem’s is about spicy, flavourful, Pakistani-nanna-style nosh instead.

All the curries are good value ($10-12), but  three veggie curries on rice is a great sampler.  On the night I go, the waiter swears by the  Mixed Vegetable Korma, the Dal Palak and the Chick Peas. I take his word for it and am glad I do.

Like the curries, the naan is more family dinner than takeaway treat. Rather than being super doughy and buttery, it is straight of the grill, flaky and light.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a creamy, buttered up curry fix too, but it’s also nice to calm that craving for spicy legumes without getting greasy fingers in the process. Virtual mini trip outside of standard Sydney a bonus!

Faheem's Fast Food

Faheem Fast Food

The bill: Three Vegetable Dishes on Rice – $9 + plain naan – $2 = $11
The service: Table service, complete with recommendations
Also on the menu: Tandoori, lassis, curries of lamb, beef and chicken
For after: really delicious looking gulab jumuns!

194-196 Enmore Rd,
Enmore, NSW 2042

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