Masala Dosa at Kammadhenu, Newtown

Masala Dosa

There is a story in this week’s Sunday Life about the Paleo diet. For a month, the author ditches all cultivated foods (grains, legumes, diary) in favour of steak for breakfast, fried eggs for lunch and chicken in coconut for dinner – all in the name of eating like a caveman.

I read it at the Sonoma bakery, paper in one hand, hunk of sourdough in the other. The more I find out about his horrifying experience (slice of “meatza”, anyone?), the faster the bread goes down. Imagine life with fruit and veg your only source of carbs?

I’m unusually hungry after leaving Sonoma. It seems just reading about the caveman diet has fired up the carboholic in me and by lunchtime, I’m absolutely hankering for another starchy hit. Hello Masala Dosa.

Kammadhenu does a few varieties of these paper-thin pancakes, but I like the simplicity of the Masala. Mushy, spicy potatoes in a crispy casing – you can’t go wrong. The accompanying chutneys and dal are delicious for dipping excess crepe into.

Dosa are listed as “snacks” on the menu, but they are really a meal in themselves. Paleo-ers can have all the chops they like, but I reckon if you put one of these in front of a real caveman, he’d gobble it up and ask for more.

Masala Dosa


The bill: Masala Dosa
The service: No frills table service
Also on the menu: Curries, Hoppers, Roti Canai
For weekday wanderers: Kammadhenu’s $8 Monday – Friday lunchtime thali is also carbaliciously amazing

171 King St 
Newtown, NSW 

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