Barramundi at Fish On Fire, Glebe

Fish On Fire

When there are so many picturesque places to eat fish and chips in Sydney – at the beach, on the harbour or even at a hip, shiny restaurant like The Fish Shop in Potts Point, why on earth would you want to eat them on (the not so flash end of) Glebe Point road?

Because despite the brusque service, the guys at Fish On Fire are really into what they do. And that’s 1. Making fish and chips and 2. Making people come back for more fish and chips. Judging by their steady stream of regulars, they’re doing it pretty well.

While grilled fish is the often the dull alternative to battered, here it’s made exciting. There are 11 different fishies to choose from and the boys know exactly how to cook them. That bulk pack of olive oil behind the counter isn’t there for nothing!

Saying that, it is hard to decide whether it’s the fish or the chips that really make the meal. Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and tasty even without salt – you couldn’t really ask for better fat chips than these.

So when a meal is this gorgeous, who cares if there is nothing else to look at? Plus, you’re not paying premium for a view. And you know you can’t argue with that.

Fish On Fire

The bill: Burramundi (served grilled with chips, salad and tartare sauce) – $13.50
The service: Counter service; rough on the outside, but soft as a fishy on the inside
Also on the menu: Whiting, rainbow trout, whole sole, mixed seafood grill
Thirsty: Don’t wait for water to be brought to the table, but cups of tap water are available on request!

217A Glebe Point Rd
Glebe NSW 2037

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