Boquerones Bocadillo at Encasa Deli, City

Okay, so guys. I’ve thought of this  amazing new food-nerd activity to try: sandwich mapping.

You’ll need a map of the world (the bigger the better), some push pins, post-it notes, foodie iPhone pics and a mighty appetite for bread. The goal? To sample as many types of international sandwiches you can and mark them on your map. The more adventurous a sandwicher you become, the fuller the map will get. Seriously. Exhilarating. Stuff.

So now that you’ve got your weekend planned, let me introduce you to the sandwich that brought this on – a bocadillo from Bathurst Street’s Encasa Deli. According to the blurb on the menu, bocadillos are sold all over the streets of Spain – like hotdogs in America, or Falafel rolls in the Middle East.

I’ve never been to Spain or heard of a bocadillo before, so I’m pretty chuffed  to have made this discovery. If it’s new to you too, think your favourite tapas treats (fried calamari, chorizo, Spanish omelette) wedged into fresh baguette. Yum!

I can’t speak for Encasa’s whole bocadillo menu, but the Boquerones – white anchovies, comfit peppers and aioli – is great. Creamy, spicy, salty, delicious.

Best of all, it makes a really PRETTY new pin on my sandwich map. Go on, take a closer look…

Encasa Deli

Encasa Deli

The bill: Boquerones bocadillo – $10
The service: Chill and friendly counter service
Also on the menu: Charcuterie, olives, caramel-filled cookies
Pronunciation lesson: bo-ka-dee-oh

135 Bathurst Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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