Bibimbap at NuraOne, City

Ever discovered a great new band, only to find out your friends have already been there, done that, and actually think they’re pretty lame? It’s a let down, to say the least, and while I hate to start a post on a sour note, it’s how I feel when I  first look up NuraOne on Urbanspoon.

I hardly know what to think. Only 54% like it?? But I REALLY LIKE it. Or at least the Bibimbap! Come on, Urbanspoonies, what’s the wrong? Should I post about a dish at a restaurant only 54% of voters like? 

I need a second opinion. So when my mum is down for the weekend and says she feels like something spicy, I take her along. The fact she thinks kimchi is a type of rain jacket is irrelevant, Mum always know’s best.

From the moment we’re presented our complementary sides to the moment we get up to leave, she’s all praise, “Nicely spiced”, “great value”, “is that last bit of cabbage mine?” I’m happily reassured, and having eaten the Bibimbab (sans beef) a second time, I’m confident I was right all along. Hence the share with you guys!

Admittedly, I probably need to eat many more Bibimbaps before I really judge how good this one is, but with a mound of squidgy rice, lots of veg,  a perfect egg and fun side dishes, it’s everything I could expect and more.

Could this mean the internet isn’t always right? Surely not…

NuraOne Korean Restaurant

The bill: Bibimbap – $12
The service: Table service, smiley and fast
Also on the menu: Hotpots, BBQ, cold noodle salads
For an extra $2: Get it in a hot stone pot – fresh scrambled egg and crunchy rice makes it quite a different (yet still really delicious) experience.

375 Pitt St 
Sydney, NSW 2000

NaruOne Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon