Mamak Village Goreng at Mamak Village, Glebe

Mamak Village

When my gym-going housemate says he feels like “something healthy”, greasy hawker food probably isn’t the first thing on his mind. Nevertheless, when I suggest we stop into Mamak Village for some their deliciously slippery, street food-style noodles, he grins like a kid just handed a bag of Wizz Fizz.

Mamak Village have a got a list tasty noodlies to choose from, but the Mamak Village Goreng is a specialty. To me, it looks and tastes very similar to a classic Char Koay Teow, with short, fat rice noodles, sliced fish cake, prawns and bean sprouts. It has maybe got a little extra sweetness and tang.

However unique, my main interest is that it’s yummy and fabulous value – and that it most definitely is! The prawns are top quality and abundant – at least six or seven on the plate – and while veg isn’t the focus, there is almost enough greenery make my healthy housemate feel virtuous. Plus, being a signature dish, it’s  subject to the lunchtime special – when you can grab it for a bargain $10. Woohoo!

Mamak Village

Mamak Village

The bill: Mamak Village Goreng – $13.50 ($10 at lunchtime)
The service: Table service
Also on the menu: Nasi Lemak, Roti, Char Koay Teow

25 Glebe Point Road 
Glebe, NSW 2037

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