Sambal Prawns (Lunch Set) at Chefs Gallery, CBD

Chefs Gallery

One of the best thing about being on holiday is eating at places you wouldn’t normally get the chance to. Sure there are weekends to do that, but weekends are no good when been eyeing off the weekday-only lunch special. Chefs Gallery has been on my to-eat list forever and when I found out they had a $10.90 lunch set, I absolutely had to blog about it. Holiday project no. 1!

There are eight rice and eight noodle sets to choose from, but I go for the sambal king prawns and it’s even better than I’d hoped. The sambal is lovely and clean-flavoured and the king-prawns are suitably king-sized – it’s a good choice for summer, methinks. The side serving of “daily vegetable” is mild and crunchy, a nice offset to the spiciness of the sambal.

Chefs Gallery

Even though I’m in my home city, lunch at Chefs Gallery actually reminds me a holiday I’ve had much farther away, in China! You mightn’t guess it from the photos, but the meal is beautifully presented – with separate bowls for rice, prawns and veggies. It’s classic Chinese style and there’s a lot to be said for it, making you pause between mouthfuls and take time to enjoy what you’re eating. Something you definitely want to do when when the food is this good!

Chefs Gallery

The bill: Rice Lunch Set – $10.90
Also on the menu: Noodle bowls, dumplings, housemade tofu
For value adders: Side dishes and desserts are available for an extra $1, but make sure you order them with your meal – once the bill is printed, it’s printed!
Service: Table service

501 George St 
Sydney, NSW

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