Marinated Vegetable Ciabatta at Sappho Books, Cafe & Wine Bar, Glebe


Ordering a sandwich in a cafe is serious business. Because unlike poached eggs or ricotta pancakes, sandwiches are something almost everyone makes for themselves. If you’re ordering one out, you want it to be something special.

Sadly, I’ve found this not always to be the case. All too often, cafe sandwiches have left me feeling de-spirited, unsatisfied and wishing I’d crashed the kitchen and made it myself!

Thankfully though, special sandwiches ARE out there – usually going about peacefully amongst the loveless, the overdressed and the too-skinnies. Which brings me to Saphho’s Marinated Vegetable Ciabatta. She might look humble, but one bite and you know you’ve found exactly what you were looking for. Great bread, generous filling, and a deliciously buttery exterior – something your might have felt too indulgent to create yourself!

Though I’d be happy to eat this pretty much anywhere, Sappho’s pretty courtyard is a bonus. As is its creamy Ice Chai Latte!


Sappho Books, Cafe & Wine Bar

The bill: Marinated Vegetable Ciabatta – $8.50 + Iced Chai Latte – $4.50 = $13
The service: Counter service
Also on the menu: Lentil Fritters, Haloumi Salad, BLT

51 Glebe Point Rd 
Sydney, NSW 2037

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