Sashimi Bimbimbam at Zushi, Surry Hills


So it’s 45 degrees outside, I’ve been sent home from work and it’s lunchtime. Where to go? I contemplate Messina on Crown, but considering I’d made a dinner of gelato less than 24 hours ago, sensibility gets the better of me and I wander further up the road to Zushi, where cool food and air-conditioning await.

The Sashimi Bimbimbam is a Japanese take on the Korean Bimbimbap – which literally means “mixed rice”.  While latter tends to be hearty and spicy with big flavours, Zushi’s version is lighter and more delicate – simply rice, chopped tuna and salmon sashimi, avocado and salad, with soy and wasabi on the side. I can’t vouch for its authenticity but it works, especially on a day like today!


Like all of Zushi’s lunch specials, the Bimbimbam comes with sides of wakame salad and miso soup. Tip for drinking miso on a 45 degree day: go slowly and between mouthfuls of salad. I found the all in one go trick didn’t go so well…


The bill: Sashimi Bimbimbap – $15
The service: Table service
Also on the menu: Duck Soba Salad, Nasu Dengaku, Soft Shell Crab

285 Crown Street
Surry Hills, NSW

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