Tuesday Daily Special at Maya Vegetarian, Surry Hills

When I was a kid, my grandfather used to taunt me with threats of spinach for dinner. Spinach pie, spinach soup, spinach sandwiches… whatever hideuos green horror he could come up with. Unsurprisingly,… Continue reading

Bibimbap at NuraOne, City

Ever discovered a great new band, only to find out your friends have already been there, done that, and actually think they’re pretty lame? It’s a let down, to say the least, and… Continue reading

Vegetarian Dumpling and Noodle Soup at Dumpling King, Newtown

Dumpling noodle soup. Doesn’t just hearing that make you want to pick up a pair of chopsticks? It sure does me, which is why I’m delighted that there is a wonderful version of the… Continue reading

Boquerones Bocadillo at Encasa Deli, City

Okay, so guys. I’ve thought of this  amazing new food-nerd activity to try: sandwich mapping. You’ll need a map of the world (the bigger the better), some push pins, post-it notes, foodie iPhone… Continue reading

Barramundi at Fish On Fire, Glebe

When there are so many picturesque places to eat fish and chips in Sydney – at the beach, on the harbour or even at a hip, shiny restaurant like The Fish Shop in… Continue reading

Masala Dosa at Kammadhenu, Newtown

There is a story in this week’s Sunday Life about the Paleo diet. For a month, the author ditches all cultivated foods (grains, legumes, diary) in favour of steak for breakfast, fried eggs for lunch… Continue reading

Three Vegetable Dishes on Rice at Faheem Fast Food, Enmore

There’s a lot of things about Faheem’s that  inspire dreams of far away places. Expats, unfamiliar languages… there are even maps on the table tops! But even without all that, the curries are enough… Continue reading

Vermicelli Soup with Crab Meat at Thuy Huong Coffee Lounge, Marrickville

I want to go to Vietnam. The history fascinates me, the landscape fascinates me, and most of all, the food fascinates me. But I’m beggining to realise that experiencing true Vietnamese cuisine (beyond… Continue reading

Ishikari Miso Udon Hot Pot at Sushi Hotaru, City

Remember when you were the only kid at school with a peanut butter sandwich, when everyone else had vegemite? It kind of sucked, didn’t it? You liked peanut butter, but all those black cornered… Continue reading

Tempeh Burger with Satay Sauce at Laurie’s Vegetarian, Bondi

For me, veggie burgers fall into two distict camps. The “with chips” variety – usual burger-bar fare minus the beef pattie,  and the healthy kind – bursting with so many nutrients it almost defies… Continue reading