Tofu and Vegetable Rice Noodle Soup at Pho Pasteur, Haymarket

Don’t tell the stricter vegetarian in me, but I’m pretty sure this is swimming in beef broth – despite my best effort to avoid it. Alright, so I know how dopey this seems… Continue reading

Salmon Don at Jap’s Table, Darlington

“Like a sushi roll, but without the sushi-ness?” my lunch buddy asks, eyes wide when I tell her this is what I will be having. “Er, yeah!” I agree, “I guess that’s exactly… Continue reading

Free Range Eggs at Project 8 Cafe, Ultimo

Scenario: it’s 11am on Saturday morning and I’m waiting for a bus, all geared for a trip to Ikea. Cushions! Frames! Throw rugs! I’ve got a list and I’m ready to attack it.… Continue reading

Tomato and Pesto Pizza at Bourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills

I argued with myself about whether to post this or not. The bargain hunter in me said no, ’cause $6.80 forĀ a piece of pizza is not an amazing deal. But my food-nerd self… Continue reading

Nasi Lemak (Simple) at Petaling Street, City

I can’t help but feel warmly towards Asian restaurants with tissues for their guests. I love the honesty about the fact that no matter how unglamourous, spicy food makes your nose run.It really… Continue reading

Laksa at Malacca Straits, Ultimo

When I spent some time in New York earlier this year, I learnt very quickly that certain types of food – pizza, bagels, fish tacos – have the power to unite or divide… Continue reading

Chai and Date Bircher Muesli at The Wedge Espresso, Glebe

Did you know Bircher Muesli is often eaten for lunch or dinner in Switzerland? Not just breakfast? For morning cereal lovers (me included) this might seem a little odd, but I think they’re… Continue reading

Pastizzi at Pastizzi Cafe Bar, Darlinghurst

Okay, so four patsizzi probably isn’t a balanced of meal, but there are certainly times when it is the right meal. At 11.59pm on a Saturday night, for instance. Compared to much of… Continue reading

Som Tum with Salted Egg at Saap Thai, City

Big call, but I’m going to make it: this is the best papaya salad I have ever had. I haven’t had Som Tum in Thailand, nor have every Som Tum in Sydney, but… Continue reading

Vegetarian Sandwich at Deux Peres, Surry Hills

The new Patisserie on Elizabeth street, Deux Peres’ obviously think it can lure customers in with its colourful macaroons. They are everywhere! Considering macaroons are still the biscuit du jour, and these ones… Continue reading