Vegetarian Bowl at Oiden Bowl Bar, City

If I were sentenced to eating rice every day for the rest of my life, I would do it, no trouble. Sure, it’s probably one of the blandest foods in the world, but… Continue reading

Vegetable Udon at Kura Japanese Casual Dining, Chinatown

Most $9 bowls of udon are pretty basic. Noodles, broth, seaweed and maybe one of those funny pink “fish cakes”, if you’re lucky. Vegetable Udon at Kura Kura is a much more complete… Continue reading

Crispy Tofu Roll at D’lish Wrap and Roll, Surry Hills

After swooning over D’lish’s Vermicelli Salad last week, I thought it only polite to also try the shop’s bread-and-butter item – quite literally, the $6.50 Vietnamese roll. Okay, so I know crispy tofu… Continue reading

Punjabi Vegetarian Thali at Little Haveli, Ultimo

There is always something extra fun about compartmentalised meals. Lunch boxes, bentos, mezzes platters. diy taco plates… who doesn’t like ’em? Thalis are the  Indian version and are just the thing for when you… Continue reading

Roast Veggie Bagel at Crown Street Grocer, Surry Hills

I’ve worked in Surry Hills for almost two months now and until today, somehow I’ve managed to miss Crown Street Grocer as a lunch spot altogether. Maybe because it is also Italian supermarket… Continue reading

Prawn Vermicelli Salad at D’lish Wrap and Roll, Surry Hills

In a place where there’s a queue for the pork rolls and a dining room full of steaming pho, a salad seems like a daggy option.  Whatever. I have always loved a good… Continue reading